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The Technology Stack Working Group (and the Task Forces within itTSWG) specifies requirements,  specificationsspecifications, and test suites for the technical architecture of the ToIP stack. For an overview of the ToIP the ToIP stack, see the the Introduction to ToIP white paper.


Define (directly or by reference) the technical standards, test suites, and interoperability certification standards for the Trust over IP architecture stack as defined in Hyperledger Aries RFC 0289 (or its successor as identified in the RFC document itself).consistent with the Design Principles for the ToIP Stack.

Task Forces

Much of the work on deliverables of the TSWG is performed my self-organizing Task Forces (TFs). Following are the currently active TFs and their current leads. See their home pages for their meeting schedules.


The TSWG currently holds meetings every two weeks. See the TSWG Meeting Page for the schedule of meetings along with agendas, notes and recordings from all meetings.


Name of DeliverableDeliverable TypeLink to DeliverableTask ForceStatus
Principles of SSIRecommendationPDFCompletedToIP Approved Deliverable

Design Principles for the ToIP Stack

RecommendationGoogle Document

ToIP Stack Design Principles TF

Working Group Approved Deliverable (2021-11-15)
ACDC SpecificationSpecificationSee ACDC TF home pageACDC TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Technology Architecture SpecificationSpecificationGoogle DocumentToIP Technology Architecture TFDraft DeliverableToIP Layer 1 SpecificationSpecificationToIP Layer 2 SpecificationSpecificationToIP Layer 3 SpecificationSpecificationToIP Layer 4 SpecificationSpecification

Other potential deliverables discussed by TSWG members: