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The table below lists all TSWG deliverables that have been approved to move beyond Pre-Draft status. Bold = current. Non-bold = future. WG members are welcome to follow the links to contribute, either by joining the responsible Task Force (TF) or contributing directly to a deliverable document.

Name of DeliverableDeliverable TypeLink to DeliverableTask ForceStatus
Principles of SSIRecommendationPDFCompletedToIP Approved Deliverable

Design Principles for the ToIP Stack

RecommendationGoogle Document

ToIP Stack Design Principles TF

Working Group Approved Deliverable (2021-11-15)
ACDC SpecificationSpecificationSee ACDC TF home pageACDC TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Technology Architecture SpecificationSpecificationGoogle DocumentToIP Technology Architecture TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Layer 1 SpecificationSpecification

ToIP Layer 2 SpecificationSpecification

ToIP Layer 3 SpecificationSpecification

ToIP Layer 4 SpecificationSpecification

Other potential deliverables discussed by TSWG members: