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This wiki is one of our primary collaboration tools. Use it to learn more about the project; explore, manage, or contribute to Working Groups or Task Forces; and share helpful links or other content.

Current Working Groups

To join any Working Group (WG), go to, log in with the email address of your ToIP Foundation membership, and subscribe to the mailing list for each WG you wish to join. You will automatically be mailed a calendar invite for the WG meetings.

Proposed New Working Groups

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Confluence 101: organize your work in spaces

Chances are, the information you need to do your job lives in multiple places. Word docs, Evernote files, email, PDFs, even Post-it notes. It's scattered among different systems. And to make matters worse, the stuff your teammates need is equally siloed. If information had feelings, it would be lonely.

But with Confluence, you can bring all that information into one place.

Confluence 101: discuss work with your teamGetting a project outlined and adding the right content are just the first steps. Now it's time for your team to weigh in. Confluence makes it easy to discuss your work - with your team, your boss, or your entire company - in the same place where you organized and created it.
Confluence 101: create content with pagesThink of pages as a New Age "document." If Word docs were rotary phones, Confluence pages would be smart phones. A smart phone still makes calls (like their rotary counterparts), but it can do so much more than that