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Although each Working Group (WG) and Task Force (TF) is different, the following table describes the recommended stages in the development of a deliverable.

#StageActivityExit Criteria
1InitiationIntroduce members; agree on vision, mission, process, and toolsConsensus on vision, mission, process, tools
2Problem DefinitionStakeholders propose use cases to build a map of what problems they need to solve for whomConsensus on the problem map
3RequirementsExtract and enumerate specific requirements from the problem mapConsensus on requirements
4Design PrinciplesDevelop the principles that need to guide/govern design of the solutionConsensus on design principles
5ProposalsMembers submit proposed solution designsNo further proposals
6ConsolidationMembers identify common elements and seek to develop a consolidated proposalConsensus on contents of first Working Draft
7Working Drafts A cycle of publishing Working Drafts, raising and resolving issues, and agreeing on revisionsConsensus on first Public Review Draft
8Public Review DraftsSame as Working Draft stage except with public reviewConsensus (or vote) on WG Approved Draft
9WG Approved Draft WG decision to submit for SC approvalConsensus (or vote) to submit for SC approval
10ToIP Approved Draft SC decision to approve as ToIP DeliverableConsensus (or vote) to approve

† Stages officially recognized in the Linux Foundation Joint Development Foundation process.