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Meeting Schedule


Agenda Items

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • EFWG Community Topics
    • Governance-across-the-layers meeting is coming up. 
  • What is a ToIP Ecosystem?

Prior art, Trinh's paper draft

First cut at five pages turned into something longer. 

Comparing them by characteristics: Constant change, favors diversity, resilience, co-evolution, competition, interconnectedness, mechanism to counteract overexploitation, human agency, metaphysical factors (beliefs, norms, cultures)... 

Grey boxes are either "no" or not described. 


Diversity is an attribute or quality, not a necessity. So should not be part of the definition. 

There are prior ToIP definitions of ecosystem. 

Presentation Files


Meeting Notes

Welcome & Introductions

  • Notes

EFWG Community Topics

  • TBD - Web5 design. Two of three pillars are DIDs and VCs, third is decentralized web nodes. Perhaps invite them to present with us? 
  • Q&A

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Coming up 

  • Next presentation: TBD