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  • Bi Weekly at 11am est.


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2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeChair
3 minIntroduction of new membersChair
25 min

Indicio Utility Overview - A professionally-staffed network for enterprise-grade decentralized identity solutions.

Cardea ecosystem Overview -  Cardea is a complete ecosystem for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital credentials. Public health authorities, governments, organizations, and industries can use Cardea to enable people to maintain their privacy while holding and using an easily verifiable, trustworthy, unalterable proof of a health test or vaccination.

Heather C. Dahl - Indicio CEO

Trevor Butterworth - Indicio VP, Governance

15 minWhite Paper Task Force UpdateKaren Hand
10 minSolution Pack Task Force - Review scope and nominations for chair support.Community Discussion
5 min Active list of ecosystem projects - Call for input and custodian for GIT publishingChair

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