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  • The CTWG meets bi-weekly on Mondays at 10:00-11:00 PT / 17:00-18:00 UTC. See the ToIP Calendar for the full schedule.

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Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
3 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
5 minGeneral announcementsAll

Any news and updates of general interest to CTWG members

  • DIF hospitality and travel special interest group, another TF under the Governance WG (Attraction Pass TF). THey are making an actor and party model (similar to issuer, holder, verifier) and how does that fit under the centralized travel industry. They are travel people that have tech compoanies in that space. They are looking for a decentralized and trustified model for travel. Another model is a traveler profile model (generic data model, including PII, for travelers). see also notes of previous meeting.
  • Drummond Reed created accessable glossary workspace. Nicky Hickman and he are working on that. 
2 minReview of previous action itemsChairs
  • ACTION: Rieks Joosten to provide a (preliminary?) description of the Concept Quest game.
  • ACTION: Neil Thomson to rewrite second point in 'General Announcements' to better reflect what he had to say (Rieks can't take notes and listen at the same time).
  • ACTION: Drummond Reed will look for sets of questions about clusters of terms in the ToIP Glossary Workspace that may be candidates for mental models.
30 minSpecial topic #1

Tool status:

  • Brian Richter reports to have begun work on the HRGT in the repo and have made good progress. Outputting a simple html HRG successfully. His goal is to have a simple demo of the end-to-end flow (ingress -> mrg -> hrg and not including trrt yet) ready for IIW where he can show it off to people who might be interested (mostly Drummond Reed). 
  • Rieks Joosten reports that TEv2 is now running a bit on the TEv2 specifications website, and is producing the popups, so the TRRT seems to work, as well as the MRG-importer. It's not fool proof, various stuff is missing, but the first hurdle has been taken.
10 minSpecial topic #2

10 minSpecial topic #3

5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 

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